Wow, while kind of boring, PFP and Pidcock wiping up for yet more wins was amazing. I’m more in awe of Pidcock’s ability to just show up, and win a world cup with literally, the entire elite field raring to go. So many things to smile about. Nino Shurter looked like his old self. When Pidcock took off, Nino actually followed, and in the past, he’d simply have let Tom go. To finish 30 seconds down, and a minute or more to everyone else, Nino quite probably would have added #36 to his list of wins. 

While I’ve always liked how PFP races, she doesn’t play games. She gets out to a lead and never lets up. No need to go back and forth for 5 laps then hammer and hope it sticks. But her announcing that this season will be her last MTB (as she calls it…M….T….B) for good. I’m not surprised. She’s never seemed remotely interested in actually racing a whole season for the overall. She skips half the races, and picks just the one or two she wants to win, and usually does it. Personally, I prefer the other racers who do the whole schedule, every race, and then maybe can go for a top overall finish. But as a fan of XC, I admire the wins, but do not think as highly of them. 

Lots of other story lines going on last weekend. It just proves world cup MTB races are still a great watch.