Say it ain’t so! A modern day XC pro sanctioned for whereabouts? Didn’t see that one coming. 

The more you learn the exact rules for random drug testing, the more I feel for these athletes – on the other hand, I don’t. Those are the rules, everyone knows them, and they all must comply to be a pro bike racer. So it was pretty shocking to read that Trek Factory Racing’s Romanian speedster missed 3 tests and is now suspended for essentially 2 seasons. 

He can appeal, and who knows, maybe he can prove he didn’t miss 3, as that’s the limit for punishment. Three times in one year. I’m not even going to bother saying what everyone thinks. He must certainly be doping and was trying to hide it? Right? What if he wasn’t doping, and is either a total bonehead, misinformed by someone, or is being framed by someone at the UCI that hates him. 

I dunno. Either way, this is really bad news for someone who had the next few years to be his absolute best. He’s young, fast, and has a spot on one of the top pro teams. 

Say it ain’t so Vlad!