Berd Spokes. What else can be said about these interesting take on spokes. They aren’t new anymore, and are one of those products that doesn’t seem ready to fade away like so many other “new and improved” bicycle innovations over the years. In fact, if anything, they are gaining in popularity.

I’ve personally have a fondness for Berd. Originally, it was because anything that shaves weight off your bike without sacrificing strength or durability is always a winner to me. But then I came to like them for other reasons. The fact that they are made in Minnesota is a major plus in my book. I started thinking of more “local” USA companies when I got my Otso Voytek fat bike. Wolf Tooth Components has built an incredible business in my opinion. Starting from scratch, and now showing up in the World Tour of road cycling, they’ve come a long way in a short time. A Minnesota company, it got me really thinking about where the products I buy are actually made.

Fast forward a bit, I had a custom set of crazy light fat bike race day wheels built last year. And since weight was my main goal, I had to have Berd spokes. I ordered the black ones, but if I had to do it again, I’d buy the white ones. I think they look quite stunning in an age where every single bike wheel uses black metal spokes. Sadly I sold them this spring, money was tight and they had amazing resale value. While I had them, I couldn’t have been happier with the wheels. The spokes were way cool looking, and I even put Berd decals on each rim just to highlight what I had. They rode fantastic, and gave me zero problems.

But what started this whole post? It’s the press release Berd just put out highlighting the fact that the recent Nova Mesto World Cups were won, both men and women, on Berd spokes. That’s right, PFP and Pidcock both used these spokes from a small business in Minnesota. Someone decided they were good enough for arguably the two most intense mountain bike racers on the circuit. They flat out win, and don’t have to put up with much gear they dislike I’d imagine. But Henrique Avancini also won with Berd spokes, so they are proven in the heat of battle. I’m sure Berd realize they have a serious chance to say they are Olympic champions too! My money is on both Pidcock and PFP to get gold in a few months. That’s pretty incredible.

Check out the official press release here:

And visit their website:

Since I live in northern Illinois, here are the products I’ve bought specifically, and happily because they were made but a few hours away:
1. Berd spokes
2. 1up Racks
3. Saris Rack
4. Trek Top Fuel (okay, not made, but headquartered in WI)
5. Otso Voytek fat bike
6. Tons and tons of Wolf Tooth products
7. Sram drivetrains (hq close by in Chicagoland)

In closing, Berd has taken an unusual approach to a very tried and true product – metal bicycle wheel spokes – and proved they are viable. I’m assuming Berd is not a giant company. The photos I’ve seen shows a typical small office/warehouse type situation, and a few hard working employees.
Are they cheap? Nope. But what high-tech bike parts are?

My dream wheels, that maybe someday I’ll be able to swing, would be:
Berd XC 22mm rims (I spoke with a Berd person at a recent trade show, CABDA Midwest I think? Iceman Cometh? I forget…he told me the 22mm width rims are sitting on a shelf, no one wants them anymore…and I personally think they’d be killer! My current 20mm DT carbon rims work great, so 2 more mm to someone like me is a plus.)
Berd white spokes
DT 180 Centerlock Hubs
XD Driver
Those could be below 1200 grams, and man, I bet those would be SWEET!!!

In closing, give Berd a chance. Check out their wheels on their website, or send your tired old wheels to them and they’ll lace them up with Berd spokes, saving you a bundle.

Either way, I think Berd rules, and I hope they can continue to grow and grow.

My custom fat bike wheels (1575 for the PAIR, of 26 x 4 tires…incredible, helped greatly by Berd spokes)