Saw a cool article about ex-road pro Tom Dumoulin. I don’t know how many of you follow the road racing world. I’ll admit to be a fair weather fan. I watch the TDF, and several of the spring classics. Mainly out of boredom. But Tom Dumoulin was a big gun for a bit there, and certainly seemed to be on the rise to the top. He retired a bit early some would say. So I think it’s cool that he’s taking to the mountain biking and gravel world nowadays. He has a bike park in his home area that has road, mtb and even bmx sections. Seeing him sitting on a modern XC bike is really cool. With Peter Sagan saying he’s going to race XC next, maybe we’ll see more and more of the “older” road racers try XC properly. Do I see them ripping up the world cups? No, but it’s still awesome. Seeing Nibali at the Cape Epic was interesting. These ex-road pros seem to keep riding long after retiring. So XC is a perfect fit I think.