There’s certainly no end to small companies continuing to make bike parts. One of the best (and some would say worst) parts of the 90’s was the sheer number of cool practically hand made components and parts being spit out by everyone. You could get just about every part of your bike from one of these places, and they were rarely cheap, and probably very colorful.

So here we are 30+ years later, and every week there’s yet another company that I had not heard of making custom parts. The latest is Ratio, based in England. They are pushing replacement cages for AXS Transmission rear derailleurs. The press release says the factory ones are a weak spot, and they are making them stronger so they don’t destroy themselves hitting rocks and whatnot.

Who knows, I’ve never bent or destroyed such a thing. But I give them credit for not going TOO crazy on the price. $75 Euros without pulleys seems okay. For only 20 more, you get new pulleys. That’s a decent deal. They also say you can reduce the weight of a lower GX model to all but the hightest XXSL with just their kit.  Overall, I’d actually give that a try for the money. 

So hats off to Ratio on making something that might be useful, at a reasonable price, and low weight.