Now this is an interesting, albeit non-mtb development. Most people don’t even realize Sram bought a bike gps/computer company a while back. Karoo had been around and was generally well liked from what I can tell. Since Sram has a habit of buying companies and not changing their name to Sram, I think many people just kind of ignored Karoo and went with a Garmin or Wahoo computer and that was that. But what if you got a “free” $500 computer with your next XX Transmission equipped mountain bike? Would you keep using it even though you already had, say, a nice Garmin 840? 

With the announcement of the new top end Sram Red road group, the aftermarket and I believe some complete bikes, will come with the Karoo as part of the group. There is complete integration between the wireless AXS groups components and the computer. So it kind of makes sense to get this out there for free. People might like it, and spread the word. Or, you’ll see tons of them on Marketplace and eBay shortly thereafter. 

But still, I think about what would happen if Sram gave away a smaller, more MTB specific gps headunit with each Transmission bike and group set. I know I’d give it a full chance. Especially if it didn’t lose the connection to my AXS system as soon as I get on a start line at a race. I can NOT figure out why this happens only at races. I can understand why in a starting area, with 20-50 other wireless systems all together, but the minute we take off and get in the woods, where at best a few other riders are behind and in front of me, that my garmin never gains back the connection and I go through the whole race not being able to look down and see what gear I’m in. I love this feature, and am about ready to try a Wahoo computer in hopes it stays connected.

So bring on the free computers Sram!  And maybe Shimano, with their next gen XTR can include one of their own as well.