Well, just when I start using Zwift again after 6 months using myWhoosh, they raise the price a lot, and make me quit again. I’m not going to complain about another $5 a month, and it’s not even Zwift season anyway. But, due to horribly wet weather in April, I actually went back to indoor riding 3 or 4 nights a week when I should have been outdoors. 

MyWhoosh for those who don’t know, is a service similar to Zwift, based out of the middle east, Abu Dhabi I believe, and it’s totally free. It’s always been free, and they intend to keep it free through other methods of fund raising such as ads and partnerships. 

Now, for us MTBers, you are more or less out of luck for getting anything like a mtb race or trail on these platforms. Zwift has one dedicated short mtb trail, and dirt roads. And you can at least pick a mtb as an avatar while everyone else around you zooms by on road bikes. MyWhoosh has none of that. But it’s free.

So I just decided I could find something better to do with $20 a month and quit for good.

If Zwift had a basic tier for $10 a month, I’d be all in. But I don’t use 90% of all the crap they keep adding. So I’m out.