That’s right, you only need $108.00, and you get access to all 7 days of racing, or around $20 for a day. That is a literal bargain. Oh, and you need a round trip plane ticket and lodging to Andorra of course. That’s probably only another $5K or so.

Why bring this up? Well, because I was thinking about how much I paid for me, my two young daughters and wife to get in to the Snowshoe world cup in West Virginia a few years back. The cost was almost $300 bucks, and that was for the one day. It was not cheap. The kids got in pretty cheap. 

But man it was fun. Seeing these elite racers flying by you just a few feet away is amazing. They are skinnier, faster, more muscular, and cooler in person than on a screen. 

So if you get a chance, go to one as soon as you can. This year you can get to New York state, or up to Canada again. I’m not going to either this year, but I sure want to.