Wow, Nino got number 36. I won’t bore you with the details, go watch it, or at least the highlights videos if you can.
Nino lost only to the mighty Pidcock at the last race. He looked very, very solid. So I was assuming he’d do well this weekend too without Pidcock being present. He pulled a PFP and took off early and didn’t slow down until he won. The womens race was quite boring I’d say. PFP took off, and everyone lined up behind her and it stayed that way for practically the entire hour and a half.
But with Nino out front, and Alan Hatherly on his heels, the most exciting race of the day was the giant 8 or so pack behind all fighting for third place. Some new faces, some old faces, all looking pretty solid.
So overall, while I’ve never been the biggest Nino fan in the world for some reason, but it was like a time warp watching him ride like that. He’s won EIGHT world cups at this venue. That’s quite insane.
We’re half way done, with another quick Swiss race at a new track coming up on a week, I’m thinking Nino could be on track for his 10th overall title for the season. Not to mention a realistic shot at Wold Champs, and even Olympic medals.
And all I hear is how he could retire, and the “go out on top” mantra over and over. Why? There are racers who’d love to be in the top 5 at most every race. I say keep going another 2 or 3 years and call it at age 40.