Ever since Transmission by Sram was released, I had my doubts about the new 2 button shifter (controller as they prefer). The number one reason I hated it is because you completely lose the ability to use your index finger to trigger at least one shift from the front of the grip. The original paddle design had this ability built in, and it’s the one I still prefer. The original design, as it turns out, really is one of the best. 

The 2nd attempt of a shifter paddle design mimicked the mechanical device, and I instantly hated it. There was no ability to adjust where it sat under the grip and actually hit my grip slightly. It wasn’t comfortable or natural feeling at all.

That’s when I bought the 3rd shifter (actually 3rd and 4th, as the pod has 2 button designs as well), and current 2 button “pod” controller. Nope. Having to find those two buttons blindly, and no rear shifting option meant it was off my bike in a week.

Now, since I use the original AXS system, I have no need to try the newly released v5 option, which goes right back to the original design, but stuck on the new Pod. It’s no secret that many, many of the current men and women Elite racers went back to the original design too. So Sram had to do something. They can’t have their fancy new system being seen with the old controller, that’s just not good anyone. 

This got me thinking. So many original designs on mtb products were the best, they just fell out of fashion for whatever reason. I know I’m in the minority, but I miss:

1. small visors on helmets for XC racing
2. bar ends, or anything that helps keep your hands on the bars
3. velcro only (or non-boa) high end mtb xc shoes
4. low height cycling socks
5. quick release wheels – thru axles are amazing, but I hate needing to dig out a wrench to remove a wheel

I could go on…but I won’t. 

Sram righted the wrong in my opinion. So hats off to them.