If going by their Junior team results at the World Champs is any indication, they might be! Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, the Swiss will remain at the top for a bit. But, to take Gold, and some Silver home for both men and women Juniors, well, that’s pretty cool. Maybe in a few years we’ll be watching them come into the Elites like other amazing young talents have. Could it be Catherine Pendrel? She does not get mentioned nearly enough in the discussion for one of the greatest racers of her generation. She raced a long time, and won many things. World Cup overalls, World Champs, she went to the Olympic 4 times at least. And she’s fully involved at the Coaching level for team Canada. Canada is in North America along with the U.S. so back in the early days it was very common to see Canadian racers doing all the Norba races. Many of them I didn’t realize were even from Canada they were around so often. So a win for Canada feels like a win for the U.S. in a way. Way to go neighbors!