WTB announced a true world cup level XC race tire. Which is kind of odd, as WTB has been a prominent tire maker forever, literally. They used to have several great XC tires, in fact, I still have a few 26” tires that I kept around for some reason. But you certainly haven’t seen them sponsoring any top XC racers in what seems like decades. So why now? I guess XC has crept back into popularity again? With Yeti coming back, which is all that’s coming to mind right now, cross country racing and products are seen as a market to try.
I will say the new WTB Macro certainly isn’t unique in any way. It looks just like many other low knob XC tires. But that’s not a bad thing at all. I like the tread and could see me trying these next time I need. Price will dictate that though. A few short years ago my go-to Bontrager XR1 tires were regular every day priced at $60. That was a great deal in my eye and I bought many. They are now $70 though, and the new Macro are list priced at $77. So maybe these can be had for less once they get on the streets?
But wait! They are only offered in 2.4 size. Which rules them out for me, my rear triangle can’t do 2.4, only 2.2. My 9 year old bike is starting to show its age, and that’s awesome. Back to Bontrager tires it is. It is nice to see WTB become a real option though. They are pretty light, low 700 grams, and should be easy to find.
I wonder if they will sponsor a team next year? I can see them doing that, and I think it could only help them in the long run.