Read a quote today that has Nino Shurter saying he wants to win at least one more World Cup to equal Absalon’s record. I haven’t heard him come outright and say that in the few interviews I’ve seen of him recently, but this would be expected for someone who is SO close to beating Absalon’s record, he can taste it. Now, anyone who’s followed Nino and World Cup racing knows that a few short years ago in 2017, he was literally untoucheable. He won every race, Olympic Gold, and the World Championships. Undefeated. At that point, and even until 2019, it seemed he’d be rolling up, over, and beyond Julian Absalon’s record. Easily, with 10 to spare. But something changed since then. Aside from MVDP, more and more names started winning. The weird short 2020 season proved once and for all, there are new racers that are not afraid of any senior XC racer. U23 right to Elite, and right to the podium.

So, can Nino really win one, and I’m sure, preferrably two more World Cups? A betting man would say yes. I’m betting he can eek out one more, maybe two more wins. But, it will take everything lining up just right for Nino. An off day by a half-dozen guys, some luck, a bit of bad luck for others, perfect weather, maybe, the perfect venue, and just a mental focus that you know he has in there, waiting to come out. I think he will win one more. But I most certainly would NOT be surprised if he didn’t.

For a refresher on that 2017 season, click here to visit the SCOTT-SRAM page that summarizes it nicely.