There, I said it. Photochromatic lenses that go from clear to tinted are the best for most typical forms of off road biking. Unless you are on gravel type roads or on double track with no shade that is. But for the type of riding I do in the upper midwest, they really are superior. I have many pairs of Oakley glasses, even a few very expensive prescription glasses. And when you are coming in and out of the woods as most races I attend, having clear lenses just works best. I’ve tried using my Road Prizm and Trail Prizm lenses in the woods, and on super bright sunny days, it’s doable. But lately I’ve been throwing my chromatic glasses on for any ride that takes me into the woods for even a little bit.
These particular pair of glasses were formally used rarely, mainly in the winter months for fat biking, and when it’s truly overcast and I just don’t need the Road Prizm protection. But now it’s looking like these lenses will be year round for me.
Not all brands offer such a thing, but next time you want/need new riding eyewear, maybe consider trying photochromatic lenses and see what you think. I bet you’ll agree.